Letter to shareholders


In a challenging economic scenario at the international level, marked by the intensification of the debt crisis in various European countries, Banca Generali maintained strong fundamentals and continued to focus on managing household assets.

The financial results show positive profitability, almost entirely driven by recurring business…

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Competitive positioning

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    • Total assets under management: 8,692 million euros
    • Total insurance products: 7,319 million euros
    • Total assets under administration and custody: 7,244 million euros
    • Total assets placed by network: 23,254 million euros
    • One of the largest Financial Advisor based distribution networks in Italian market
    • Market share growth
    • 1,154 Financial Advisor in Affluent Division
    • 317 Financial Advisor in Private Division
    • Affluent Division’s assets: 13,679 million euros
    • Affluent Division, Assets per Advisor: 11.9 million euros
    • Private Division’s assets: 9,576 million euros
    • Private Division, Assets per Advisor: 30.2 million euros
    • Market share growth (from 10.4% to 11.8%)
    • Total insurance products, 713 million euros
    • Total asset under administration and custody, 753 million euros
    • Net inflows, 1,260 million euros